Coleg Gwent launch new CyberHub Trust Signage at Cross Keys campus

Students who attend the Cross Keys campus of Coleg Gwent, near Newport in Wales, have recently been buzzing about some really fresh, interesting signage promoting their college’s specialism in Digital Technology and Cybersecurity.

Michael Klonowski at Coleg Gwent

The signs adorn the walls of classrooms, including a CyberHub, and passages in the Digital Technology sector of the campus, providing some bright and funky designs to enhance both the students' and their teachers’ — college experience.

Students at Coleg Gwent in front of the new CHT signage

To make it even more interesting, the signage contains images of students from the college, they are able to literally “see themselves” in these images that promote careers in DigiTech & Cyber.

Coleg Gwent CHT signage

A recent CyberHub Trust ‘Film & Gaming Event’ hosted at the college also provided the opportunity for some local VIPs, Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity specialists, and even a Film maker from Hollywood, to visit the campus and see for themselves the new signage. Kristin Ellingson, who originally hails from Montana, but has built an impressive, Award-winning career in the fields of Film and Gaming, expressed her amazement at the bright and energetic signage.

Kristen Ellingson at Coleg Gwent

Coleg Gwent is now firmly established as one of the key CyberHubs in the UK and will continue to host interesting and informative events, training courses and work experience opportunities for their students and even some local schools.

A long wall graphic sign at Coleg Gwent