Special Advisors

We are advised by Industry leaders

The Special Advisors include:

The National Crime Agency
The National Crime Agency logo

The NCA leads the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime, protecting the public by targeting and pursuing criminals who pose the greatest risk and focusing on critical cyber incidents. They work closely with UK police, regional organised crime units and international law enforcement partners.

As well as disrupting the current generation of cyber criminals, the NCA also wants to prevent young people from slipping into cyber crime, including by encouraging parents of young people with cyber skills to talk to them about their ambitions and the opportunities to use their skills positively.

The National Cyber Security Centre (CyberFirst)
The National Cyber Security Centre *(CyberFirst)* logo The NCSC helps to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. Their CyberFirst Programme began by providing opportunities to help young people explore their passion for technology by introducing them to the world of cybersecurity. It now covers a broad range of activities: comprehensive bursary and apprenticeship schemes; a girls-only competition and schools development courses at UK universities and colleges. The CyberHub Trust is been awarded CyberFirst approved status.
Regional Cyber Crime Units (RCCUs)
Regional Cyber Crime Units (RCCUs) logo

Regional Cyber Crime Units sit as part of Regional Organised Crime Units, trusted partners of the NCSC that form the Cyber PROTECT Network. Operating across England & Wales, they have a range of specialist policing capabilities. Dedicated Cybersecurity teams work with businesses, organisations, and communities to promote steps that they believe will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cyber crime.

We work closely with RCCU colleagues to deliver a range of Community Outreach activities.

Kristin Ellingson
Kristin Ellingson logo

Kristin is a Hollywood filmmaker/scriptwriter and Executive Producer at the DigiTech company MetaLVX. She co-wrote the script for ‘Hackers’, a cult movie amongst the Cyber community, with ex-husband Rafael Moreu. When Kristin discovered The CyberHub Trust she was impressed by how much our values align with her own and Rafael’s and the young people they met when making the film.

Kristin now works with us to advise and mentor young students who are interested in the creative side of the Cyber/Tech industry, and in particular film production.