Experiences, Challenges and Competitions

Students are encouraged to participate in Events where they can meet industry experts, including DigiTech company offices, Advertising Agencies, Cybersecurity premises (Security Operations Centres), etc.

These events will allow students (and teachers) to meet, interact and work with industry professionals. This covers a range of professions, including for example UX/UI designers, Game designers, AI and Game Tech experts, Cybersecurity analysts, etc.

Students who took part in The CyberHub Trust creative challenge standing in front of a graffitied wall

Take a look at some of the events we have delivered:


Film & Gaming Event

The CyberHub Trust invited Hollywood scriptwriter, filmmaker and MetaLVX Executive Producer, Kristin Ellingson to visit the UK to share her experience of Careers in the Digital Technology, Film and Gaming worlds.

Kristin Ellingson speaking into a microphone to an audience of students
  • Kristin was the writing partner of Rafael Moreu, who wrote the cult classic film ‘Hackers’ starring Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller in 1995.
  • She recognised something in the young people the Trust deals with similar to what she and Rafael used to see when the making their movie, and she has since set up the Rafael Moreu Scholarship with the Trust.
  • She now works with the AR/VR VFX studio MetaLVX, which uses Epic’s gaming software Unreal Engine to create virtual experiences, production design and special effects for film and television.
  • The F&G events were hosted between the 10th and 19th October 2023 at colleges in Wales, Birmingham, Liverpool, Barking, London and Plymouth.
  • Each comprised a full day of activities, presentations, and a Q&A session, where students were able to quiz Kristin, as well other specialist VIPs, including personal stories from big-budget movies, careers in Film & Gaming, Cybersecurity, and the impacts of AI.


Watch the whistlestop tour of the ‘23 F&G Events.


Creative Challenge

In 2021/22 we devised the first Creative Challenge which was hosted in London. Several graphic designs were submitted, as well as a 10-minute film, a drama illustrating the perils of data privacy being compromised and the importance of being aware of Cybersecurity.

In 2022/23 the Challenge was broadened to include colleges from Liverpool, Birmingham, and Oxford/Banbury. Submissions ranged from A3 poster-style graphic designs, to videos, animations, e-Games and a social media ‘hashtag’ campaign.

Students were able to engage directly with professional designers at the offices of Experience Haus in Shoreditch, including a tour of the local area showing how Graffiti is being used in marketing campaigns and explaining how their own designs could one day end up on a 50-foot wall in the middle of London (or any other major city).

The winning submission in 2022/23 was from Hugh Baird College in Liverpool.

A photograph of the members of the BMet Digital Technology Employer Board

Maria Turtacova’s submission used the concept of ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ to highlight issues relating to Cybersecurity. It was designed as in A3-Poster format but was also used as part of the CyberHub Trust’s social media campaign.


Watch the ‘22/23 Creative Challenge event in Shoreditch


Experience Days

The CyberHub Trust runs a variety of Experience Days for students at our Colleges/IoTs. These range from interactive Tabletop exercises, to presentations by VIPs and Subject Matter Experts, to ‘hands-on’ practice/experience of working in a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Students sitting in front of computers listening to a tutor at the fron tof a classroom
  • Working with RCCUs to provide interactive Cybersecurity exercises, including Lego games and Escape Room challenges.
  • Working with the NCSC CyberFirst programme on their Girls Cyber Competition.
  • Facilitating specialists & experts who deliver presentations to students, from AWS explaining how to acquire ‘Badges’, a Digital Strategy & Marketing expert delivering Workshops on Cyber Bullying, to SOC Experience Days where students operate the Analyst’s computers in a SOC.
  • New experiences are being developed, including a focus on AI, as well as a ‘Capture the Flag’ Cyber exercise.

Two school students studying a page at a desk Close up shot of two Lego mini figures surrounded by shields


Rafael Moreu Scholarship

Rafael Moreu
In 1995, when the film Hackers was released, only 0.04% of the population had access to the Web (a figure that now exceeds 70%!). The Digital & Cyber revolution, however, was about to explode. One person who realised what a digitally connected world could mean, was screenwriter Rafael Moreu. Born and raised in Miami, of Cuban heritage, his father was an architect and his mother an artist.

Rafael had been exploring computer networking and meeting with the ‘underground’ social group of Cyber experts, or Hackers as they referred to themselves. He started attending their meetings, getting to know some of the members of the community and he found that they represented a diverse variety of interests and backgrounds, prompting him to use some of their stories to develop the screenplay for Hackers. The film, which boasted Angelina Jolie & Johnny Lee Miller amongst its cast, has become something of a cult classic amongst the Cyber community.

Very sadly, Rafael was lost to COVID in 2021. His family became aware of The CyberHub Trust and felt that its focus on providing education, training and direction to young people in the field of Cybersecurity, would be something that really appealed to him.

Being aware of Rafael’s history and his passion for this Cyber-world, we agreed that it would be a fitting tribute to the man and a way to honour his memory, and consequently set up the Rafael Moreu Scholarship, under the direction of the Trustees.

If you would like to contribute to the Rafael Moreu Scholarship, click on this link and leave a message.


Angelina Jolie talking to Rafael

Angelina Jolie talking to Rafael

Rafael in a phone booth

Rafael in a phone booth

On the set of Hackers

On the set of Hackers

Hacker cast & crew

Hackers cast & crew