The Model

We operate a 'four-pillar' Business Model

In addition to its DigiTech and Cyber services, the Trust operates a series of CyberHubs, which are located within participating FE Colleges/IoTs. These become Centres of Excellence, facilitating Community Outreach and Training programmes, providing Work Experience opportunities, and engagement with Employers who operate within these sectors.

Official Service Providers are appointed to work alongside the Trust to deliver Community Outreach, Training and Work Experiences.

The four pillars of the Cyberhub Model - Community Outreach, Training, Work & Learn and Employer Services
Pillar 1 – Community Outreach
Advised by Law Enforcement, we work with various stakeholders, companies and charities to provide services to both Individuals and Groups, from schoolchildren (5 years & over) and students, to parents, pensioners, ‘at risk’ individuals and those with Special Needs and Disabilities.
We offer access to a range of courses, both free and paid-for, from partners including AWS, BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) and iDEA (the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award), as well as Microsoft, Cisco, CISM and CompTIA via our Service Providers. We also work with government and law enforcement to design, develop and deliver new training courses.
Pillar 2 – Training
Pillar 3 – Work & Learn
We provide opportunities for individuals to gain hand-on experience, while simultaneously learning and acquiring qualifications, including Work Experience, Shadowing, and Apprenticeships, as well as Adult reskilling & upskilling (which can include ex-Military personnel).
We work with corporations, SMEs, businesses and other organisations to provide access to real world employment opportunities, giving students the chance to meet prospective employers, visit ‘real’ organisations & business premises and engage with (and learn from) professionals in DigiTech and Cybersecurity.
Pillar 4 – Employer Services