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Community Outreach

The CyberHub Trust will provide information, education, training and hands-on cyber experience to Local Communities

Young People & Families


Children attending a BT Barefoot session

Barefoot is supported by BCS, CAS (Computing at School) and BT. Through The CyberHub Trust, programmes are offered to young people and their families. For example, local schoolchildren (5 years & older), their parents, or senior citizens (grandparents) can be introduced to, and then educated about, cyber security. This might include presentations, workshops, online courses and educational activity, including quizzes:

Follow this link to find out more about Barefoot.



Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an award-winning platform offering bite-sized, interactive modules on a range of topics that are created with industry experts and innovative employers to help learners to develop digital & enterprise skills. They are rewarded with Digital Badges and points for every module they complete. Achievements are automatically recorded on a portable ‘Record of Achievement’, which can result in Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards (and certificates) being awarded.

Follow this link to iDEA for The CyberHub Trust (iDEA Registration page).

Follow this link to an iDEA Booklet which lists all the badges currently available.  


CyberFirst Schools

CyberFirst Schools Initiatives

The CyberHub Trust supports the work of CyberFirst Schools, to encourage collaboration between local schools, national and local companies and organisations who share the aim of encouraging young people to engage with computer science and the application of cyber security in every day technology.

CyberFirst will be formally recognising schools who are committed to providing a structured approach to excellence in cyber security education and The CyberHub Trust is very pleased to be supporting schools through the provision of training and experience, with presentations by cyber security experts and industry leaders, through its network of colleges and Security Operations Centre.

Follow this link to find out more about CyberFirst Schools.


At Risk Individuals

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For The CyberHub Trust, ‘at-risk’ individuals refer to those young people who might otherwise be drawn into criminal cyber activities. They will be identified by Law Enforcement and Government Bodies and, if they meet certain criteria (developed and monitored by the NCA, and Regional Organised Crime Unit, or ROCU officers), they will be encouraged to work with the Trust so that they might learn skills, which they can put to positive use in the community.

Programmes will be organised to support such individuals, in order to develop their technical skills in a positive environment, whilst simultaneously providing a safe environment where they can be assessed and encouraged. This will include education & training, as well as (where appropriate) apprenticeships, mentoring, career shadowing and exposure to career opportunities through CyberHub Trust Partners, Sponsors and other potential Employers.


Special educational needs and disabilities

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A person has special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) if they have a learning difficulty and/or a disability that means they need special health and education support. Having SEND can affect a person’s ability to learn. It can affect behaviour or the ability to socialize (they may struggle to make friends), reading and writing (because they may have dyslexia), ability to understand things, concentration levels (they may have ADHD) or their physical ability. College staff and CyberHub Trust personnel are trained and prepared to meet these needs appropriately.