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The CyberHub Trust is a charity

About The CyberHub Trust

The primary purpose of the Trust is to promote education and training of cyber security, to identify 'at-risk' technically capable young people, encourage them to become productive members of society and to facilitate a pipeline of well-trained, qualified and experienced young people into the relatively new industries of Cloud and Cyber Security.

The Trust works with, and is advised, by government bodies, including the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) CyberFirst Programme.


Our ultimate aim is to provide young people with the training and work experience to secure careers in Cloud and Cyber Security. Watch this #CyberFirst video to see!


The Trust offers Community Outreach Programmes, whereby local schoolchildren, parents, or senior citizens are exposed to and educated about cyber security; and 'at-risk' individuals are identified and encouraged to learn skills which they can put to positive use in the community. Training is offered across a range of Cloud and Cyber Security topics, both Free and 'Paid-for’, from a variety of Service Providers.

In addition, as part of the Work & Learn activity, apprentices, people wishing to up-skill or re-skill, or military personnel wishing to return to productive civilian life, can receive appropriate education and on-the-job training. The Trust also provides Secure Operations Centres within FE Colleges, where students can work alongside experienced Tier-3 cyber security professionals, receiving formal training as well as experience. The SOCs will operate as Cyber Centres of Excellence, not only providing shadowing and work experience opportunities, but also providing Employer Services to local businesses with Cyber Security and cyber testing services.

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The CyberHub Trust is a new concept in Cyber Security.

The CyberHub Trust is a new concept in Cyber Security.

What is it?

The CyberHub Trust offers a professional and secure place to learn about, and practice, Cloud and Cyber Security.

The Trust has been formally constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and is structured according to appropriate government regulations covering charities.

The Registration Number for The CyberHub Trust is: 1190988.

What is a SOC?

CyberHubs provide Security Operations Centres within colleges, facilitating training for students, employers and members of local communities, as well as the conversion of 'at risk' individuals – to learn skills which they can put to positive use in the community.

A SOC acts like the Hub, or central command post, taking in data from across IT infrastructure, networks, devices, appliances, and information stores. The function of a SOC is to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats; monitoring and protecting assets such as intellectual property (IP), personnel data and business systems.

The SOC is led by a SOC Lead, and may include incident responders, SOC Analysts (Tiers 1, 2 & 3), Threat Hunters and Incident Response Managers.


CyberHub SOCs can generate an income for the Colleges by:

Providing real-world opportunities for apprenticeships in cyber security
Developing and providing experience of cyber skills for Business
Piloting new workshops and/or training
Upskilling teachers
Upskilling the local Community


The management of the Trust is overseen by the Trustees, who are responsible for:

  1. Developing strategy and planning/providing direction for the Trust
  2. Ensuring compliance with the highest ethical and legal standards
  3. Representing the Members of the Trust and its Member organisations
  4. Providing input to the day-to-day management of the Trust
  5. Bringing specialist knowledge and expertise to the Trust

The CyberHub Trust has the following Trustees:

Julia von Klonowski (Chair)

Julia von Klonowski (Chair)

Julia has over 35 years’ experience in the Digital and Technology industry and has spent the last 15 years concentrating on the effective use of technology in education. Prior to this, Julia lived and worked in South Africa, where she ran her own business delivering IT solutions.

On her return to the UK in 2001, Julia joined Sun Microsystems and later Oracle, as senior Project Manager and then Programme Director for Schools. Her experience stretches from programming, software support, large project delivery and consultancy.

Julia is passionate about education and sits on various Department for Education (DfE) and industry advisory boards, is a T-Level Ambassador and promotes the use of technology to improve education and skills.

Ruth Gilbert

Ruth Gilbert

Ruth has 25 years of experience in professional services and education, holding positions including Principal and CEO in Further Education. Ruth previously set up and ran a national education charity, founded by Lord Baker, now supporting a network of 20+ industry-led Career Colleges across the UK. Ruth has a passion for applying business principles and regional partnerships to educational ventures, to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Ruth is an Honorary Fellow of UCL Institute of Education and holds several voluntary positions in support of education. She also holds several commercial board positions, including Chairman of a private training provider and Group Education Director.

Amit Patel

Amit Patel

Amit is Creative Director at Experience Haus – a digital skills training provider across the B2C and B2B markets, providing hands-on education in technical skills across design, innovation, marketing and growth as well as professional and personal development.

He has worked in product management and design across many industries and various sizes of companies, from startups (in sectors such as media, fin-tech and healthcare) to industry leading companies such as Scotiabank, OVO Energy, Crossrail (Europe’s largest construction project) and Crossrail 2. Prior to founding Experience Haus, he was the Lead UX Instructor at General Assembly.

Joash Howard

Joash Howard

Joash is currently a Senior Agile Project Manager at the HSBC.

Prior to that he was Programme Manager at Amazon Web Services and was instrumental in setting-up the original working relationship between the CyberHub Trust and AWS.

John Pittaway

John Pittaway

John has over 30 years’ experience in sales roles in the technology sector, with 16 in leadership roles and is a Sales Manager for Amazon Web Services in the UK. Prior to this, John was Sales Director for a Microsoft Partner Organisation and held sales and leadership roles in Microsoft, BT and HP.

He has a passion for learning, coaching and supporting people’s career development and is a champion for improving Digital and Cyber skills in UK organisations, enabling people from diverse backgrounds to pursue Digital & Cyber careers.

Special Advisors

The National Crime Agency

The National Crime Agency logo

The NCA leads the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime, protecting the public by targeting and pursuing criminals who pose the greatest risk and focusing on critical cyber incidents. They work closely with UK police, regional organised crime units and international law enforcement partners.

As well as disrupting the current generation of cyber criminals, the NCA also wants to prevent young people from slipping into cyber crime, including by encouraging parents of young people with cyber skills to talk to them about their ambitions and the opportunities to use their skills positively.

The National Cyber Security Centre (CyberFirst)

The National Cyber Security Centre *(CyberFirst)* logo

The NCSC helps to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. Their CyberFirst Programme began by providing opportunities to help young people explore their passion for technology by introducing them to the world of cyber security. It now covers a broad range of activities: comprehensive bursary and apprenticeship schemes; a girls-only competition and schools development courses at UK universities and colleges. The CyberHub Trust is been awarded CyberFirst approved status.


Hacked logo

Hacked was set up by Mike Dieroff, to help young people (many of whom are developing cyber skills in their bedrooms) to understand how to transform these self-taught skills into a credible career within the cyber security industry. Mike is a leading figure in the industry, who has worked with organisations as diverse as NATO, the NCA and the UK Military for over 20 years. Mike was also a key driver in the original concept design and development of The CyberHub Trust.

Hacked helps to identify young people getting involved with cyber-crime, educate them about the dangers of cyber-crime and rehabilitate young people who have been involved with cyber-crime.

Sponsors & Partners

The CyberHub Trust is only able to operate through the generous sponsorship, funding and assistance from our Sponsors and Partners. We are extremely grateful for their support, finance and other resources, as well as their expertise and experience.