Employer Services

Introducing Students to Employers

Corporate/business Work Experience

Computer Monitors

We work with corporations, SMEs, businesses and other organisations to provide access to ‘real world’ employment opportunities. This gives students the chance to meet prospective employers, visit ‘real’ organisations & business premises and engage with (and learn from) professionals in DigiTech and Cybersecurity. It can also lead to exciting Career opportunities.

Our relationships with government, law enforcement and the business community means students can benefit from trips to an Ad Agency on one day, a tour around ‘hipster’ Shoreditch on another … and a visit to the ‘Old Bailey’ on another…! We really do try to offer the widest range of ‘Employer’ experiences.


Cybersecurity Businesses

Computer Monitors

We have excellent relationships with Service Providers in the world of Cyber, including highly qualified & experienced Cyber Analysts and other specialists, who can simultaneously provide experience to both students and apprentices.

Through these contacts, students can learn & experience anti-hacking skills, penetration testing, Cyber Essentials accreditation, and a range of other regulatory & Cyber activity.