Stories from the Film & Gaming Industries – Upcoming Event

In 1996, a remarkable film was released, Hackers — a cult classic that was written by Rafael Moreau, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie in breakout roles. Hackers serves as a reminder of evolving cyber threats and illustrates the potential dangers of hacking and the need for ethical practices.

Kristin Ellingson, Rafael’s writing partner, will be visiting five CyberHub colleges to talk about Careers in Film & Gaming. She will also answer questions about her career, Rafael and making big-budget & Indie films, as well as working for an AR/VR VFX studio. MetaLVX uses Epic’s Unreal Engine software (including various AI tools) to create virtual experiences and preview production design and effects for film and television.

Kristin will also interview MetaLVX CEO Joel Derrick, talking about his background, and how he developed a career that stretches across film & TV, starting as a makeup artist and working with companies as varied as NASA and Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, to his current position running cutting-edge technology developments in the film and gaming industries.

A montage of special effects created by MetaLVX

Students will also hear from local Police Cybercrime Units, as well as a specialist Cyber Security expert, to provide context to the link between one of the original, and now a cult film (amongst the cybersecurity industry) Hackers — and the exciting world of Digital Technology, including the pitfalls and dangers that young people need to know about!

Events will be taking place at colleges in Newport – Wales, Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Plymouth.