The CyberHub Trust launches its first CyberHub SOC

The CyberHub Trust has successfully launched its very first ‘Secure Operations Centre (SOC)' in Barking & Dagenham College in London.

The college, one of a number of ‘Digital’ Colleges in the UK, is happy to be hosting the very first CyberHub SOC in the country.

Principal Yvonne Kelly said that she was:

“proud of the team and excited to see the new CyberHub SOC open in the new BDC ‘Institute of Technology’”.


The objective of the Trust is to identify ‘at-risk’ technically capable young people, encourage them to become productive members of society and to facilitate a pipeline of well-trained, qualified and experienced young people into the relatively new industry of Cyber Security.

Barking & Dagenham college is happy to be ‘leading the charge’ of various Colleges across the UK to develop new and exciting specialisms, including Cyber Security.

The Secure Operations Centres within Colleges provide students with the opportunity to work alongside experienced Tier-2 and Tier-3 cyber security professionals, receiving formal education, training and on-the-job experience, not only providing students with shadowing and mentoring opportunities, but also providing local businesses with cyber security and cyber testing services.

Community Outreach Programmes are also being offered, in addition to the Training, Apprenticeship and Local Employer Services offered by The CyberHub Trust. These will include opportunities for local schoolchildren, parents and senior citizens to be educated about cyber security, opportunities for military personnel to return to civilian life, and/or opportunities for individuals wishing to ’re-skill’.

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