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UK launches its 'National Cyber Strategy 2022'

The UK Government recently launched its ‘National Cyber Security Strategy’.

For The CyberHub Trust, it made fascinating reading and confirmed that the charity is aligned with, and actively supportive of, the UK Government’s strategy.

A photograph of school children sitting at desks learning about cyber security

According to Steve Barclay, MP Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office:

“The new National Cyber Security Strategy is our plan to ensure that the UK remains confident, capable and resilient in this fast-moving digital world; and that we continue to adapt, innovate and invest in order to protect and promote our interests in cyberspace.

“Taking over where the pioneering National Cyber Security Strategy of 2016 leaves off, this next chapter leads us into a future where the UK is even more resilient to cyber attack. As lead minister, I am clear about two of its core aims: first that we should strengthen our hand in technologies that are critical to cyber; second, that we should limit our reliance on individual suppliers or technologies which are developed under regimes that do not share our values.”


The new Strategy includes five strategic ‘pillars’, which are designed to guide and organise specific actions and outcomes (to achieve by 2025):

Pillar 1:
Strengthening the UK cyber ecosystem, investing in our people and skills and deepening the partnership between government, academia and industry

Pillar 2:
Building a resilient and prosperous digital UK, reducing cyber risks so businesses can maximise the economic benefits of digital technology and citizens are more secure online and confident that their data is protected

Pillar 3:
Taking the lead in the technologies vital to cyber power, building our industrial capability and developing frameworks to secure future technologies

Pillar 4:
Advancing UK global leadership and influence for a more secure, prosperous and open international order, working with government and industry partners and sharing the expertise that underpins UK cyber power

Pillar 5:
Detecting, disrupting and deterring our adversaries to enhance UK security in and through cyberspace, making more integrated, creative and routine use of the UK’s full spectrum of levers


We note that the aims & objectives of The CyberHub Trust align, in particular, with Pillars 1 & 2.


Click here for more information, or to read the National Cyber Security Strategy in full.