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CyberHub Trust welcomes a new Service Provider – KryptoKloud

The CyberHub Trust has recently welcomed a new Service Provider to its family.

KryptoKloud, based in Lincoln, was established with a vision of providing cyber security & resilience solutions and services to its customers. It is uniquely placed to offer a suite of Managed Service operational offerings, including Security Monitoring and Incident Response service offerings as well as a full portfolio of Compliance, Governance, Audit & Cyber Insurance solutions.

New Service Provider KryptoKloud

The Trust is excited to work with KryptoKloud in CyberHub SOCs being planned in Lincoln, Oxford and some other interesting new locations.

The company has also recently featured in some very timely media interviews/articles.

_“We all face a tremendous challenge in terms of Cyber attacks. Congratulations to KryptoKloud who, together with Channel 4 News, highlighted this growing cyber threat.”

Please take 3-minutes to watch this video.